Import image files into macOS Preview for iOS

Preview mini takes the simplicity of the macOS Preview app and its image editing features to your iPhone and iPad.

Preview mini offers multiple ways to import your images. There are shared and specific ways for iOS and iPadOS. All of them are explained in the following article.

Import images by the add button in the sidepanel

Tap the sidepanel button on the upper left and select the round plus button. Then import your images into Preview mini. Available for iOS and iPadOS.

Import images from iCloud & Files app

Longpress the image file in the Files app or e.g. an email and tap the ‘Share’ button. Preview mini is available as import target afterwards. This is possible on iPhone and iPad.

Drag & drop an image into the app (iPadOS)

On iPadOS you can drag & drop an image directly into Preview mini. Open the app in the splitscreen mode with e.g. the Photos app and then just drop the file you want to edit into the application.

Paste an image into the workspace

Just copy the image in another app and simply paste it from your pasteboard by longpressing the empty workspace. This feature is available for iPhone and iPad. Please keep in mind that your workspace needs to be empty.

Create a blank template image directly in the app

The add button in the sidepanel of Preview mini also offers the second option to add an blank template image with choosen pixel size and background color. This featue is available on the iPhone and iPad version.

Preview mini for iOS is available in the App Store. Check it out for free on your iPhone and iPad.

The images that get edited in this tutorial are provided by the brilliant Pexels artists Fabian Wiktor and Pok Rie. More infos and tutorials on




iOS Developer from Germany

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Marian König

Marian König

iOS Developer from Germany

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