Resize, mirror and rotate images with macOS Preview for iPhone and iPad

Preview mini takes the simplicity of the macOS Preview app and its image editing features to your iPhone and iPad.

Preview mini is inspired by the macOS Preview app. Its aim is to bring the intuitive photo editing capabilities of its role model to iOS and iPadOS. Like in the desktop version you can easily resize, mirror and rotate images with only a few taps:

Resize images and decrease photo size pixel-perfect.

After tapping the three dotted options button in the upper right corner, tap on ‘Resize’. A new panel opens and you can enter the exact pixel size you want the image to be set to. The two arrowed button on the right lets you decide on how the auto-ratio should be applied. Disable it if you want to resize the image freely and without keeping any ratio. Otherwise the height will change as well if you edit the pixel width.

Mirror photos horizontally and vertically.

Tap the three dotted options button in the upper right corner and mirror the photo horizontally or vertically.

Rotate images.

Easily rotate images by tapping the button in the top bar. Same as in macOS Preview the photo gets rotated by 90 degrees.

Restore a previous state with the File History.

Each edit of the image can be restored to its previous state in the File History. Just open it via button in the upper left and tap the state you want to step back to.

Preview mini for iOS is available in the App Store. Check it out for free on your iPhone and iPad.

The images that get edited in this tutorial are provided by the brilliant Pexels artists Fabian Wiktor and Pok Rie. More infos and tutorials on




iOS Developer from Germany

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Marian König

Marian König

iOS Developer from Germany

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