Use keyboard shortcuts and trackpad support in macOS Preview for iPadOS

Preview mini supports new trackpad and keyboard features for iPadOS. Based on the familiar macOS Preview experience it brings some desktop feeling to your iPad. OS X Preview for iPad.

Preview mini is inspired by the macOS Preview app and aims to bring the intuitive photo editing capabilities of its role model to iOS and iPadOS. As in the desktop version, you can now benefit from optimized trackpad and keyboard support on your iPad.

Trackpad and mouse input

Like in macOS Preview mini offers full trackpad support for the iPad. Just move the cursor by your trackpad or a connected mouse and see the buttons react accordingly. OS X Preview for iPad.

Keyboard shortcuts

Both the snipping mode and the drawing mode support keyboard shortcuts to call special functionalities and to move active selections. Just press the specific keys, the command button isn't required in this application.

Snipping mode

The keyboard symbol in the right bottom edge indicates the support of shortcuts in this mode. OS X Preview for iPad.

C: Copy selection

X: Cut out selection

V: Paste selection

D: Delete selection

Y: Undo last change

↥+Y: Redo last change

Arrow keys: Move selection

Drawing mode

The drawing mode supports shortcuts according the special functionalities of this mode. macOS Preview for iPad and iPhone.

E: Edit textfield

D: Delete textfield

Y: Undo last change

Arrow keys: Move textfield

Preview mini for iOS is available in the App Store. Check it out for free on your iPhone and iPad. It is also available in German language with the name Vorschau mini.

The images that get edited in this tutorial are provided by the brilliant Pexels artists Fabian Wiktor and Pok Rie. More infos and tutorials on



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